Master’s Thesis

Engagement in Food Waste Reduction Design of Data Visualisations to Increase Tracking-App User Engagement. One fifth of all purchased food in Austrian households is thrown away. This behaviour not only results in economical losses but has a significant impact on the environment and causes loss of resources such as land, water, and energy. The What a […]

What a Waste

What a Waste During the third semester of my master’s program I got the opportunity to take part in the iLab (interdisciplinary lab) program. The task my team and I were given was to find a way to reduce food waste in households. After a lot of discussing, brainstorming, and prototyping we came up with […]


Oida Brand Book

The Etruscan Spirit

The Etruscan Spirit For his exhibition The Etruscan Spirit René van Bakel wanted to release a catalogue to go with the pictures on display and provide a view behind the scenes. I was responsible for the layout and design of the catalogue.

René van Bakel

René van Bakel René van Bakel is a Vienna-based photographer and our collaboration consisted of not only various photography projects but also of implementing his website to showcase his work and to promote his photography workshops and designing his brand identity. 

San Polino

San Polino This flyer was designed for San Polino winery in Montalcino, Italy promoting their company and products.