What a Waste

During the third semester of my master’s program I got the opportunity to take part in the iLab (interdisciplinary lab) program. The task my team and I were given was to find a way to reduce food waste in households. After a lot of discussing, brainstorming, and prototyping we came up with the What a Waste app. The app aims to help users counteract this trend by providing them with a digital version of their food storage along with additional features such as a shopping list and sharing the data with other household members. This way, heightened awareness of the user’s habits concerning food is created and adaption of the user’s behaviour is made easier. During the development of the app I was responsible for implementing a clickable prototype for user testing using Adobe XD, designing the app’s corporate identity and creating content. The results were summarised in a brand book, presented at the Projektevernissage at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, and submitted to the Kollegium der FH St. Pölten’s Sustainable Development Award



The logo represents the three main features of the What a Waste app: The overview of the storage, the shopping list and the sharing feature. The individual aspects are represented by a fridge, a shopping cart and a roof. They are inspired by the icons used in the app and combined in a way that the outline of the logo (1) can be drawn in one line. Only the shopping cart‘s wheels (2) and the fridge‘s handles (3) have to be added afterwards. The design represents the combination of all aspects and them working together seamlessly.



Brand Book